Leonardo DiCaprio flirting with Jennifer Lawrence even though she’s married: Rumor

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, allegedly, have a flirty relationship on the set of Don’t Look Up.

According to Star, Lawrence immediately jumped at the first opportunity she had to work with Leonardo DiCaprio because she’s always been a big fan of the actor.

However, friends close to Lawrence are, allegedly, worried that she could be making a mistake.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence chemistry off the charts

After all, The Hunger Games star is already married, but she couldn’t, allegedly, help but flirt with DiCaprio.

“Their chemistry is off the charts. A lot of people on set are whispering that Jen’s tempting fate by even making a movie where she’ll be spending almost every scene opposite Leo,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the A-listers have always had a flirty rapport every time they would see each other at awards shows and industry events.

“Word is, she jumped at the chance to work with Leo, someone she’s always admired,” the source said.

What does Cooke Maroney, Camila Morrone think?

Unfortunately, Lawrence’s husband, Cooke Maroney, is allegedly annoyed at his wife’s flirty relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

And DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Camila Marrone, is also allegedly upset with their connection.

“She’s been very patient, but she finds his connection with Jennifer pretty intimidating,” the source said.

Leonardo DiCaprio not flirting with Jennifer Lawrence

Leonardo DiCaprio not flirting with Jennifer Lawrence

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Lawrence and DiCaprio’s relationship is strictly professional.

If there is something flirty going on between the A-listers, other reputable sources would’ve already reported on it.

The fact that only Star is linking the two romantically proves that they are just making up lies about the co-stars.

In October, Lawrence was a guest on the podcast Absolutely Not, and she talked about her marriage to Maroney.

Lawrence revealed that even though she’s already married, she still has regular sleepovers with her friends.

In fact, just before the interview, one of her friends came over, and they slept on her bed. Maroney, on the other hand, slept in the guest room.

According to the Silver Linings Playbook star, she also had a blast quarantining with her husband.

After all, Lawrence is such a homebody, and she’s always lazy to go out.

Based on the actress’s recent revelations about her married life, it’s easy to conclude that she’s not having an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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