Leonardo DiCaprio slept inside animal carcasses for film preparations

Leonardo DiCaprio slept inside animal carcasses for film preparations

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for playing the role of Hugh Glass in “The Revenant.”

Many celebrities have gone to great lengths to portray their roles effectively. One of them is Leonardo DiCaprio, who did shocking things for one of his film characters.

The industry calls it “method acting.” Some stars try to live the way their characters would in real life. Their experiences amid the period then prepare them for their film projects.

A great and famous example of this is Christian Bales’ shocking 60-pound loss for The Machinist. Six weeks later, he had to gain what he lost for his role in Batman Begins.

While losing weight and gaining it all back in a short period of time is truly challenging, DiCaprio also had his fair share. In preparation for his The Revenant character, he slept inside real animal carcasses, according to Cheat Sheet.

Leonardo DiCaprio did these things in real life

The publication said that Leonardo DiCaprio went to extreme lengths to provide “exceptional performances.” In his interview with The Independent, he revealed the things he did for the preparation.

He said that he slept inside dead animals’ carcasses to get his Hugh Glass role ready for the actual scene. But, aside from this, he also did several other things. He even told reports that he could name more than 30 things that he tried to live in real life for the role.

The Titanic actor said that he had to go “in and out” of frozen rivers to endure hypothermia. He also had to prepare his stomach to consume raw meat as his character eats it in the film.

Reports, later on, noted that Leo is vegan. Hence, he, indeed, went to great lengths to prepare for The Revenant.

Leonardo DiCaprio did these things in real life

What “The Revenant” is all about

Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Hugh Glass in The Revenant. After a grizzly bear attacked him to death, some of his troops left him to die. A high-ranking official, played by Tom Hardy, even killed his son before fleeing.

After seeing the whole thing, he tried to recover, to go after Hardy’s character. Revenge seemingly became his inspiration for survival.

Following all the sacrifices he made for the role, it seemingly all paid out as he won over 15 Best Actor awards after. He also obtained his first Oscar after having six nominations. As for the film, in general, it received 183 nominations and won 63 of them.

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