Leonardo DiCaprio proposed to Camila Morrone on her birthday: rumor

Leonardo DiCaprio, allegedly, proposed to his girlfriend, Camila Morrone, on her 23rd birthday.

According to Woman’s Day, the proposal took place on a yacht, and Morrone’s friends were there. An unnamed source told the tabloid that the proposal of Leonardo DiCaprio shocked everyone. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

“There was a huge celebration and not just for Camila’s birthday. Apparently, they told everyone they’re getting engaged. It’s a huge shock because even though they were obviously quite serious, everyone knows Leo’s dating track record,” the unnamed source said, as per Woman’s Day.

Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly gets cold feet when things get serious

The source said that the Titanic actor is known for dating models that are much younger than him. The list, reportedly, includes Miranda Kerr and Nina Agdal.

According to the source, DiCaprio would almost always get cold feet every time his girlfriend would ask him for a proposal.

“It didn’t help that his mom, Irmelin Indenbirkin never approved of his choices. He would mainly keep them at a distance, wooing them with expensive holidays but never introducing them to his mother and certainly never going official by allowing his partners to join him at movie premieres or awards ceremonies,” the source said.

But Morrone, allegedly, changed everything for DiCaprio. And the actor can’t deny that he is head over heels for her. Morrone joined her boyfriend at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

Brad Pitt allegedly approves of Camila Morrone

Brad Pitt allegedly approves of Camila Morrone

Back then, Brad Pitt joined DiCaprio and Morrone in one table. And the source said that Pitt and DiCaprio’s other friends approve of his girlfriend.

“His friends wholeheartedly approve of Camila. She’s tamed the beast! He’s gone from man about town with all of his famous, model-dating buddies – who have their own women-chasing clique – to a total homebody, where they’ve been wrapped up in each other and even fostering a dog together, which is so not the old Leo,” the source said.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Morrone rumors

The insider concluded the dubious story by saying that if DiCaprio would finally decide to settle down, his wedding could be the event of the century. However, the tabloid’s headline claims that the couple will soon tie the knot.

The contradicting statements suggest that the rumors are incorrect.

If Leonardo DiCaprio and Morrone are engaged, the news would come from the actor or his rep and not a tabloid.

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