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Leonardo DiCaprio wants Kate Winslet to divorce her husband, co-stars still have strong connection: Rumor


Leonardo DiCaprio still hasn’t, allegedly, moved on from Kate Winslet.

Twenty-four years after starring in Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio and his family are still, allegedly, hoping that they would end up together.

Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly pining for Kate Winslet

According to New Idea, DiCaprio is waiting for the day to come when Winslet would leave her third husband for him. A source also claimed that DiCaprio never tied the knot with anyone because he’s still waiting for his former co-star.

“There’s a very good reason why Leo has never married… Kate stole his heart all those years ago. He really believes she’s the one who got away. Leo’s mom wants him to finally settle down and start a family, but none of us think he’ll ever go through with a wedding – unless it’s to Kate, that is,” the source said.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet’s alleged history

But the source also quoted Winslet as saying that she and DiCaprio were never romantically involved with each other. However, the insider seemingly made it seem that they know more about their rumored relationship than the co-stars themselves.

“It’s always been ‘wrong place, wrong time’ for them. However, I think they both kind of pretend it’s all friendly and she plays this excited but matronly role with him, but they both know how he feels,” the source said.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Winslet haven’t, reportedly, seen each other in so long. And COVID-19 has made it difficult for them to reunite. But the tabloid claimed that the Jack and Rose actors regularly talk to each other via FaceTime.

“But he’d much rather see her in person. They have a special connection that he’ll never have with anyone else,” the source said.

The actor wants to call it quits with Camila Morrone

One might wonder what this all means for DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Camila Morrone if the rumors are true. The tabloid claimed that the actor wants to take a break from his girlfriend because he wants to pursue a relationship with Winslet.

“Leonardo has got lines to memorize, a massive production to keep on track, and a diet to maintain. Camila just doesn’t fit into that equation, so he doesn’t want her visiting,” the source said.

DiCaprio is, reportedly, scheduled to start filming for Killers of the Flowers Moon alongside Robert De Niro in Oklahoma.

As for Winslet’s husband, the source said the DiCaprio is hoping that the two would call it quits soon.

However, if Leonardo DiCaprio has such a busy schedule, he wouldn’t also have time for Winslet. As such, the tabloid’s claims about the actor wanting to break up with Morrone are absurd.

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