Lewis Hamilton commanding the terms of his new contract with Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton will continue with contract talks as soon as the Austrian Grand Prix kicks off and he is demanding a higher pay grade.

The first day of the Austrian Grand Prix starts tomorrow and the tension on and off the track is already palpable. The 2021 season will be a banger considering all the possible driver changes in the majority of the teams.

As of now, only Ferrari and McLaren have two main drivers with existing contracts. All other teams have to figure out their next move which makes this season all the more exciting. Headlining the available drivers entering 2021 will be Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton commanding a higher paygrade

Sportsmail reports that Lewis Hamilton will continue his contract talks with Mercedes soon. In line with the talks is his demand for a higher contract price for each race. According to the same article, Hamilton is reportedly asking for almost AU$ 72 million for the 2021 season.

As such, his fate with Mercedes beyond this season is still up in the air. Nonetheless, sources close to both Hamilton and the team believe that they will come to an amicable agreement. Whether or not the demanded price will be reached still cannot be confirmed.

The contract talks were abruptly halted when the pandemic set in all around the world. In fact, many events have already transpired in the Formula 1 world. Included in those events is Carlos Sainz Jr.’s signing with Ferrari for 2021.

Ferrari luring Hamilton in

Carlos Sainz’s future beyond 2021 will depend heavily on his performance with Ferrari this year. As for Hamilton, his bargaining window of jumping ship to Ferrari has temporarily closed for 2021.

Nevertheless, he may still sign with the team in 2022. In fact, he may command an even higher pay grade in the red race suit. Sky Sports analyst Martin Brundle thinks that Hamilton’s decision could go both ways. He said,

‘I’ve spoken to him about being dressed in red and standing on that podium at Monza and looking at the crowd in Ferrari overalls.”

On the flipside, Brundle also wants Hamilton to weigh his decision well. Hamilton can already be considered in the twilight of his career. He doesn’t want the 6-time world champion to squander his legacy because of the allure of Ferrari.

He said that Hamilton must not make the same mistakes as Schumacher late in the seven-time world champion’s career. At the age of 35, Hamilton is on a tough crossroads of his career.

Image courtesy of cristiano barni/Shutterstock

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