Lewis Hamilton may still end up racing for Ferrari in 2023


Lewis Hamilton could still race for Ferrari in 2023 after the contract of Carlos Sainz expires, according to Martin Brundle.

The Austrian Grand Prix is set to begin this Friday. Amid the health protocols and adjustments, all teams are ready to finally get back on track. Almost four months have elapsed since the Australian Grand Prix was postponed. Since then, major driver movements have transpired that will take effect in 2021.

The biggest one by far was Carlos Sainz’s commitment to Ferrari. Next year, Ferrari will be helmed by two promising young drivers in LeClerc and Sainz. Before Ferrari swooped in for Carlos, there were rumors that Hamilton was considering a future with Ferrari. As such, Former F1 driver Martin Brundle thinks that Hamilton sporting a Ferrari suit is still a possibility.

Lewis Hamilton in a Ferrari racing suit?

Brundle believes that Hamilton can still consider racing for Ferrari in 2023. He thinks that Carlos Sainz’ spot in Scuderia is still not yet cemented and will be based on his driving performance in the next two years.

Driving for Ferrari is a temptation that all drivers covet for. At the age of 35, Hamilton is already in the twilight of his career and this is his last year racing with Mercedes based on his contract. As such, Brundle said that he has to think of the best move for his future moving forward.

“He is aware that he is in the last phase of his career.”

He added by saying that he doesn’t want Hamilton to end up having the same fate as Schumacher. Michael retired from racing with Ferrari at the top of his game in 2006. He got bored and returned to the track in 2010 to race with Mercedes. Unfortunately, he didn’t win any Grand Prix when he returned.

Hamilton thinks Vettel is his toughest opponent

Lewis Hamilton said in an interview that the team is preparing their very best for what could very well be the ‘most difficult season‘ that F1 experiences. It will be tough because he stands to match Michael Schumacher’s record of seven world championships if he wins again this season.

Vettel and Hamilton have high respect for each other off the race tracks. However, when they’re racing, they are actually tough competitors that challenge each other. This year, when Hamilton was asked who is his toughest opponent, his simple answer was ‘Seb‘.

The story between these two drivers is rich considering that they come from the same era of racing. It will be interesting to see if Vettel brings his A-game in his final year racing for Ferrari.

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