Lewis Hamilton wins again; Shows support for Breonna Taylor

Lewis Hamilton, an English Racecar Driver, won his first Tuscan GP cup.

Lewis Hamilton disclosed that the race is not that easy because of two significant red flags during the race, according to a report by The Guardian.

Lewis Hamilton racing with continuous breaks

George Russel, to close in on a gap in the mid-field, sped along with other drivers tailing him. It was too fast and too soon for the leader Hamilton to notice, causing a highly dangerous incident: out of which no one was injured.

The stewards investigated the incident and gave warnings to 12 drivers, and Bottas is not one of them.

Although this might seem like enough drama for a single race, the drivers were in for another restart after Lance Stroll had a big crash at Arrabiata 1. He was unhurt, but the drivers had to step out of their vehicles to restart the race once again.

The victory

The restarts made it very difficult, but Hamilton never lost his focus and managed to win the cup with almost a five-second lead over Bottas, another Mercedes driver.

Hamilton said that it felt like he took three races because of the restarts. He thought that the restarts made it very difficult for anyone to focus on the race.

“That was the worst thing I have ever seen,” Romain Grosjean said when asked about the constant breaks in the race.

Statement t-shirt supporting Breonna Taylor

Even before the race started, Hamilton made a statement by wearing a T-shirt with writings that read: “Arrest the Cops who Killed Breonna Taylor.” The athlete made such a brave move to show his full support to Breonna Taylor, an African-American woman who was shot by a cop when officers entered her flat on March 13 for an illegal drug investigation.

As per BBC News, Brett Hankinson, the police who shot Taylor, was only fired from his job and not arrested. The injustice inflicted on Taylor led Hamilton to wear a statement shirt that pleads the concerned administration to do what needed to be done.

Hamilton had shown his support against the practices of racism in the past when he wore a statement shirt with the message “Black Lives Matter” at F-1’s pre-race ceremonies.

In a Sky Sports report, the FIA has decided not to conduct a formal investigation on the matter.

However, the FIA also said that they would implement specific guidelines to the racers on pre-race and post-race activities arrangements.

Image courtesy of Abdul Razak Latif/Shutterstock

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