LG is about to the flood the market with the ‘Q’ model lineup

LG is about to the flood the market with the 'Q' model lineup

LG has just applied for trademarks for the names of what could be 12 new phones. The new phones will be part of the existing and growing LG Q lineup.

LG announced last month that it will adopt a new design language for its new phones. The design was kickstarted by the LG Velvet. The new flagship phone implemented a minimalistic design highlighted by the raindrop triple camera setup at the back.

Now the Korean company wants to follow the footsteps of its Korean contemporary, Samsung. It would seem like LG is ready to flood the market with a slew of options starting from the entry-level smartphone to the mid-tier phones.

LG registers 12 new phone names

The Korean company just applied for 12 new trademarks possibly for new phones. LG went to the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) to register Q31, Q32, Q33, Q51, Q51S, Q52, Q53, Q61, Q62, Q63, Q91, Q92, and Q93. All these twelve phones will range from entry-level to mid-tier phones.

Some of the phones may be limited to the local Korean market, but some may join the likes of the V or G series for an international release. The surprising part about the registration is the Q30 series.

Based on the number on the series, this might be the lowest priced lineup on the Q series. The low price would also mean that the specs of the Q30 phones will be simple entry-level configurations.

The possible introduction of the Q30 lineup could also mean the end of the road of the LG K10 phones, which is presently the entry-level model for LG.

Streamlining of models

The registration of the new phones could mean that the company is dead serious in its aim for simplicity and minimalism. The Q series could be the counterpart to the A series of Samsung, which also has a slew of phones ranging from ultra-budget smartphones to powerful mid-tier phones.

LG ‘Wing’ and the new dual-screen implementation

The Korean company is reportedly working on an unusual implementation of the dual screens. Instead of focusing on folding screens, the company is going towards mechanical mechanisms for a dual-screen experience.

The new ‘Wing’ phone will split the phone into two sections, the top and the bottom section. The top section can be rotated to place it in a horizontal orientation thereby exposing the secondary screen hidden below it. This means that the secondary screen may only be used in the ‘T’ orientation of the phone.

No other details regarding the phone have been released, but it will be most probably in the flagship category pricing for its uniqueness.

Image courtesy of LG

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