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LG is planning to license its webOS Smart TV services to other TV brands


LG tonight made a major decision. The decision is involving the spread of webOS Smart TV.

Now, many other brands will have the feasibility of running LG’s webOS Smart TV. Some companies have signed this proposal.

RCA, Ayonz, and Konka are to name a few. In a press release of LG, the company claims that it will be a new evolution. The company moves forward, saying that it has the potential to reshape the TV business.

This feature will help both the sector, technology, and content providers. It will also help the growth of LG in the domain. Undoubtedly, this will also help in making its firm prominence in the global home entertainment market.

What is webOS Smart TV?

Previously, in January, there was news regarding the overhauled version of WebOS. The slide-up “blades” interface has been discarded entirely. On the other hand, a traditional scrolling home screen is added.

There are varying reviews of LG products in the market. Indeed, mixed opinions are always a tricky thing for the company. Some people find the new feature friendly, and some don’t.

People who find this new feature exciting claim that it resembles a streaming device. This is also not creating any hassle while using. On the other hand, some who have appreciated it before wanting LG to retain its previous look.

Nevertheless, the last critic can only be done after looking at the software specifications.

But the redesign will not create any hindrance. There won’t be an issue for the buyers to buy the webOS TVs on the grounds of redesigning.

At least, not as of now. The webOS feature will almost be the same as that of webOS 5.0. There won’t be any significant changes in the look of the webOS Smart TV platform.

LG is following the footsteps of Roku and Amazon for a while. The company is following their methodology of getting licensed with other TV brands. While Roku licensed itself for Roku TV, on the other hand, Amazon did it for Fire TV Edition.

What’s in it for LG?

With this webOS Smart TV feature, the company will have more control. Undoubtedly, it will have control over more devices, and it will fetch more advertising revenues. The company will have an entire profit.

In addition to this, the expansion of webOS Smart TV will provide more ad-sponsored LG channels. However, this will fetch more user data.

It should be noted that more user data will give the point of making improvements. Without a doubt, this will, in return, offer more benefit.

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