LG rollable TV is now available for inquiry in the US

LG rollable TV is now available for inquiry to buy in the US, after its debut last year in South Korea. Though it may be available for inquiry, the cost of the TV may shock you.

LG is one of the world’s tech market leaders, with many new innovative products to amuse us. It has now decided to bring one such project to US consumers soon. LG has been flaunting its rollable OLED TV display ever since it debuted in the tech industry.

LG and rolling screen- A flashing debut

The rollable TV panel debuted in the Consumer Electronic Show 2019 held in Las Vegas. It turned many heads in the show, as the technology was still in the demo stage. Though LG was featuring its rollable OLED tech in the demo shows, the idea of making it a standalone project surprised many.

The OLED TV R had a 65-inch OLED screen with a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker system. The speaker also acted as a base for the TV, in which the TV panel would roll. It would raise with the help of a motor at a button’s push. The rollable TV screen would sustain 50,000 rolls, as claimed by the LG. The TV screen can be made to protrude for a bit of part above the bar, to display clock or photos, and play music. LG made the TV screen with support up to 120 FPS, with a second-generation Alpha-2 processor.

Now, it looks like this tech marvel is now available for inquiry in the US tech market. LG has added an “inquire about buying” tab on its international website. It is suspected that the option has been on the website since April 6. If an interested buyer clicks this button, it will direct them to a local sales representative’s contact information.

Price point- is it worth it?

When the LG rollable TV came to sell in South Korea, it was available in seven stores. It cost the consumer 100 million South Korean won, which is a little over $89,000 when converted. The company also added the option to choose one of four colors for the wool speaker cover. They can also customize their TV with a personal engraving in the aluminum base.

Now, rumors flow that the TV would cost nearly $100,000 in the US market. It is almost as high as it gets for an OLED TV. If you cannot afford it, LG has other similar options for you.

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