LG Velvet: Official video reveals key design; Plus, phone’s chipset confirmed

LG’s new design language of its upcoming phones is now shown in full glory.

The LG Velvet’s fundamental design aspirations are now out in the open.

A sophisticated mobile

LG has released a video on YouTube, which briefly reveals LG Velvet’s forthcoming design. The 35-second short clip, which is posted on the official LG Electronics Korean YouTube channel recently, starts with a raindrop falling, which then transforms into the phone’s primary camera.

The LG Velvet’s primary camera is next shown with a circular shape that is larger than the rest of the modules on the phone’s rear camera sensors. Meanwhile, the other visible lenses are rendered like smaller raindrops. Finally, the fourth module, which appears to be the system’s LED flash, is placed right at the bottom of the setup, ending up as the smallest module among the four sensors.

Another highlight of the released video of the LG Velvet’s design is the phone’s curved glass back, which tapers to the edges. On the other hand, the handset’s silver frame can also be gleaned from the clip, which stretches on its back, all the way to the front. The framework also appears to be made of metal and boasts a mirror finish.

The LG Velvet’s SIM card tray, which is placed at the top along with two white antenna lines, can also be seen, right alongside the phone’s power button on the right side. The phone’s left section is home to its volume buttons, plus the Google Assistant button.

At the bottom of the LG Velvet are the handset’s audio jack, USB Type-C, and speaker grille.

Chipset and design get a seal of approval

A day after the “design” video of the LG Velvet emerged from the grapevine, some of the critical specifications of the phone are finally outed. Revealed by the Korean company itself, the handset is now confirmed to launch with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G chipset, which is an indication that we’re looking at a mid-range smartphone.

LG also revealed the official design of the LG Velvet. Corroborating with the recent clip, the phone is shown to feature three shooters on its rear. Speculations are rife that the phone could launch with one functioning sensor on its back, with two auxiliary shooters – one of which could be used for background blur, while the other one is a B/W sensor.

The accompanying images also showed the LG Velvet’s color variants – Green, Black, White, and a gradient-inspired back panel, which seems to be sporting purple, pink, and orange hues.

Image used courtesy of LG/YouTube Screenshot


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