LG Velvet unveiled, a glimpse on the smartphone’s features, design and more

LG Velvet unveiled, a glimpse on strategy smartphone’s features, design and more

LG has released a short video showcasing the formidable features of the upcoming LG Velvet, the latest premium phone set to launch next month.

LG finally unveils to the public its first-ever video featuring the company’s latest prime phone, the LG Velvet. The video speaks a lot about what the highly anticipated phone has to offer.

LG Velvet Features

The 35-second video starts presenting LG Velvet’s biggest feature, “Waterdrop Camera.” The video opens with water dropping into the phone and later turned into cameras.

LG explained that they specially designed the Velvet’s triple rear camera along with the flash vertically. The said design denoted the view of falling water droplets.

Velvet features a symmetrical ellipse 3d arc design with curved edges that bend its ends into a metal frame. The back is also made with glass and follows the curved-edged front design.

As previously promised, LG designed Velvet at a full bezel display with a front camera notch. The video also revealed that the tech giant’s premium phone will go with a slim and sleek design.

LG Velvet’s nature-inspired design will come in four different colors. Users may choose from Aurora Green, Aurora Gray, Aurora White, and Illusion Sunset.

The tech giant assured that even products of the same color will have their own uniqueness and clear distinction, depending on the point of use.

LG made it possible as they created the Velvet’s pearlish backside of the premium phone to change colors depending on its exposure to light.

LG Velvet hardware

The short video unveiled that the LG Velvet is not a high-end flagship device, contrary to the expectations that it will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 865.

Instead, the clip confirmed that the upcoming stylish phone is actually an upper mid-range phone. This is because Velvet will be sitting at Snapdragon 765 processor.

LG, however, assured their customers that this phone is powered with 5G features, securing its place as an upper-tier phone. Using 765 instead of 865 Snapdragon chips makes Velvet one avenue for users to have access to 5G phones at lower prices.

On their official website, LG confirmed that Velvet will still have the bottom wired earphone terminal. The tech giant explained that this is their response to their customer’s request to maintain a high-quality sound source.

What the company has to say

Chang Chang-min, Managing Director of MC Product Strategy Group, LG Electronics assured the public that Velvet will be a product that can satisfy. The director added that this mid-range phone will provide the differentiated value for users, aside from its visible and neat design.

Image courtesy of freestock.org/pexels

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