LG will skip the foldable display smartphones for a rotating display

LG will skip the foldable display smartphones for a rotating display

LG is working on an unconventional rotating display phone instead of adapting the foldable screen technology.

The competition is fierce within the smartphone industry. Price points are getting spliced into thinner and more defined categories. The battle for supremacy for each price point is fierce with only a handful of companies leading each one.

LG wants to join on the fun, and relaunch itself in the smartphone market. It has already started the minimalist design language with the Velvet line up. Its performance in the market remains to be seen, but LG still has several tricks up its sleeve.

Rotating display versus foldable screen display

LG is reportedly working on a rotating display phone similar to the bygone era of funky Nokia 7373 phone. This Nokia phone is similar to the adaption of the technology of LG. The Nokia 7373 phone is divided horizontally into the top and bottom half. When the top half is swiveled, the bottom portion reveals the physical keypad.

The upcoming LG phone with the ‘Wing’ codename adapts the same method. Only this time, the top half will swivel to a horizontal orientation instead of a full vertical display. This design will reveal a smaller screen display on the bottom half.

LG could have decided to go with this technology because of the numerous problems that foldable displays encounter. Should this ‘Wing‘ phone release in the market, LG would not have to deal with creases and fold limit counts on the device.

Not only that, LG will also be able to provide its users the benefit of dual screens for added productivity for certain applications.

LG ‘Wing’ phone specs

It is still early to pin down the exact specifications of the new LG phone. Nevertheless, it will definitely adapt the minimalist design language that LG launched. Moreover, reports add that the main display will be 6.8-inch display and the hidden display on the bottom half of the phone will be a 4-inch display.

The ‘Wing’ will also ship with the Snapdragon’s 700 series probably to keep the price point of the innovative phone affordable to more people. For the camera system, LG will equip the phone with a powerful 64MP main shooter. The rumored price point will be between AU$ 1,200 to $ 1,500, and will ship sometime during the second half of 2020.

Should LG make good with these rumors, they might be able to swoop in and capture a part of the premium smartphone market that is looking for some innovative design.

Image courtesy of LG

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