LG Wing is finally official but who is it for?

LG Wing is finally official but who is it for?

LG is known for its quirky smartphone innovations and the LG Wing is no exception. The swivel screen device is finally out in the market.

While other companies are racing to create the best folding smartphone, LG took a different approach. The LG Wing is part of the company’s Explorer Project and it aims to bring a fresh design to smartphones.

This smartphone has a 6.8-inch main display with a 3.9-inch secondary screen. The specs are identical to the LG Velvet but with minor differences.

It is rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, 8GB of memory, 128GB/256GB storage, and a 4,000mAh battery with wireless charging.

Is LG successful in bringing in a fresh design? It definitely is. But who is this device for?

Who is this smartphone for?

LG presented a lot of ways to use the device such as when using Google Maps. The promotional video also shows a racing game with the minimap on the smaller screen.

However, some of the usage shown might seem impractical and already possible with the current design of smartphones.

LG Wing will be great for one-handed multitasking

For example, using Spotify on the secondary screen while Facebook is open might be a neat idea. But Spotify is already on the notification area and is one swipe away from usage.

One market that LG might tap into is emulation. The design of the device makes it a great way to play Nintendo 3DS or 2DS games.

If YouTube or Twitch take advantage of the screens then it might be a way to finally chat and watch a video at the same time. It also allows the ability for users to text without disrupting a playing video.

This device is clearly not for the average user. But, as soon as developers and apps take advantage of its features, it can easily be seen as a multitasking powerhouse.

Hopefully, the LG Wing gets better software support in the future. LG does not have a great record when it comes to software updates and they need to change that.

Images used courtesy of LG Global, LG Mobile Global/YouTube Screenshot

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