‘LifeAfter’ meets ‘Resident Evil’ in this limited-time collaborative event

LifeAfter X Resident Evil Limited-Time Event

As if the zombies in the post-apocalyptic world of LifeAfter is not already enough, the baddies of Resident Evil are making a temporary presence into the game—along with limited-timed unlockable from the same franchise.

Not only do the two franchises share similarities by having zombies, LifeAfter draws inspiration from Resident Evil. Thus, making the collaboration akin to an idol meeting its fan. The partnership is only temporary, however. Giving players until Sept. 10, 2020, to enjoy the event.

Resident Evil Bosses

There’s plenty to experience during this event. The most notable of which being the introduction of RE’s badass bosses, namely Mr. X, G, Tyrant, and Executioner Majini. All of which appearing similarly to their prominent presentation back in their respective game titles, not to mention their signature moves.

For instance, Mr. X remains the seemingly stoic but hasty-footed guy from Resident Evil 2 (Remake). Nemesis brings with him a bazooka similar to what he did back in Resident Evil 3, etc.

If the visuals of the promo page are to be believed, players can also anticipate the arrival of yet another boss with Wesker. Valid or not, this is something we have yet to see in the coming days.

Players are likely to find these bosses in the game as the event sees them playing across some of Racoon City’s iconic areas. All the while surviving the hordes of zombies along and, ultimately, coming across the final boss to complete the event.

Resident Evil-themed Items

The anti-theses of these antagonists will not be making actual appearances in-game. But the event leaves behind cosmetics that players can wear and embody one of the two figures from the game. Male players can expect to look like Leon Kennedy while female players can anticipate to appear like Ada Wong.

Speaking of aesthetics, getting either Leon or Ada’s costume does not come without effort. To get any of these two outfits, the player must first participate in and complete the live event. Aside from the wearable, another unlockable would be a Resident Evil-themed motorcycle.

Up for Grabs

To get free stuff, however, players need only to log once during the event in order to get an Ada Wong figure and a complimentary photo frame. Login for seven days during the entirety of the event and the player gets an exclusive LifeAfter X Resident Evil backpack.

Another thematic element that will be debuting in LifeAfter includes Resident Evil’s colorful herbs. The red and green ones, specifically.

LifeAfter is a free-to-play mobile game (iOS and Android) which features microtransactions.

Image used courtesy of LifeAfter

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