Lighter PS5 Digital Edition model reportedly in the works

Some listings coming from various Japanese retailers are suggesting a slight hardware revision to the PS5 Digital Edition.

Both Nintendo and Valve have been hitting headlines recently after announcing the Switch OLED and Steam Deck, respectively. One being another variation to an existing platform and another being a completely new machine to play on. But even while still silent about it, Sony, too, has something in store for gamers, it seems.

Less Weighty Design

Word has been going around the internet over what appears to be a new model for the discless PlayStation 5 prototype. Bearing the model number CFI-1100B, which contradicts the original CFI-1000B. It also comes with a PDF detailing some slight modifications.

As per Twitter user Nibel, the new model is expectedly lighter than the original by around 300 grams. In addition, the updated design will also come with a different screw as well.

Looking into the PDF file, it made it appear that the new tightening material seems more enhanced for greater ruggedness. As for the weight, it remains a puzzle as to how the developers trimmed down on the existing design to attain such a feat. But one can only speculate it as a mere deviation from the original through a more efficient layout.

Potential Implications

A lighter PS5 Digital Edition is a topic of ambiguity, though, and one which would likely receive a mixed reception. On the one hand, it is better in that it puts less burden to those who would carry it. But, then again, who carries a PS5 so often that its weightiness become an issue, to begin with? On the other hand, the alteration could be a subject of scrutiny as it may entail compromising on quality for a lesser weight load. Which is exactly what would come from people who would prefer the older design, if it would entail superior physical quality. But this latter argument is also debatable as well.

It is worth noting that the information given on the topic merely speaks about two aspects of a probable hardware revision. It is not yet certain whether or not changes to other facets of the design are being employed as well. Chances are, if Sony does not employ any meaningful hardware changes, it will not be necessarily better than the archetype it’s straying from. Although, it would be quite ostensive as to why the company would choose to do so in a purely business perspective.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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