LIGO-Virgo astronomers found 39 new gravitational waves

Astronomers of the collaboration LIGO-Virgo can find 39 gravitational waves. These gravitational waves are the outcome of a collision.

It has been five years since researchers can detect gravitational waves. The scientists of the collaboration LIGO-Virgo can find 39 gravitational waves. These gravitational waves are the outcome of a collision.

The astronomers were observing the patterns of gravitational waves for six months. Not only this, but they found something in the patterns of the gravitational waves.

The collision of two black holes is the origin of these waves.

What is LIGO-Virgo?

LIGO stands for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory. It is a considerable observatory which detects cosmic gravitational waves.

There is an international team of scientists working on the project. They worked on the identification of gravitational ripples in the Cosmos.

The LIGO observatory is in the United States. The scientist in the observatory use mirrors. The mirrors can detect a change in the diameter charge of a Proton. The LIGO project is the largest and most ambitious project.

In addition to that, Virgo is also an interferometer. It is a part of the scientific collaboration of six countries. These six countries include Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, and Spain. In 2007, the interferometer LIGO decided to collaborate with Virgo.

Meaning of gravitational waves signals

Albert Einstein was the one to predict the existence of gravitational waves. In 1916, Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity. The theory says, “masses of accelerating objects such as orbiting neutron stars or black holes can disrupt space-time.”

Every planet or Star has a mass; their masses can distort space-time. This disruption can create cosmic ripples. However, these ripples carry information about their origins. Also, they travel at the speed of light.

39 gravitational waves in Cosmos

The astronomers are observing the Cosmos for gravitational waves. This discovery is going on since 2019, where the scientists were receiving gravitational signals from the Cosmos.

In addition to that, 39 gravitational waves are there in the Cosmos. There are 50 waves in the Cosmos to date. These waves are proof of some big events in the Cosmos.

According to the astronomers, a merger of two big black holes is the cause. These 39 new signals can come from that event. Such a significant event in the Cosmos is the only cause of these many gravitational waves.

This discovery is an expansion of the catalog of gravitational waves. At last, the astronomers can form a whole family of black holes with this event. Also, the project LIGO-Virgo will expand and will soon join another observatory in Japan.

Image courtesy of Lineas_1703/Shutterstock

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