Lili Reinhart opens up, ‘refuses to silence’ depression

Lili Reinhart opens up about her 10-year battle with depression.

Lili Reinhart made the headlines amid the lockdown due to her break-up with her Riverdale co-star, Cole Sprouse. While she confirmed recently that the relationship did end in March, she has not spilled the details about the split.

Earlier this week, though, she has opened up about several details, including the most “personal” things in her life. Speaking to Los Angeles Times, she discussed depression, body positivity, and relationship, as well as her upcoming projects.

Lili Reinhart finds it hard to “stay positive”

The 23-year-old actress deemed the pandemic as difficult and “incredibly hard.” Despite wanting to “stay positive,” she admitted that it is a very hard thing to do.

Lili Reinhard, also, revealed that she wants to post “sad songs” on Instagram as what everyone does. She said, however, that she holds herself back because of the millions of followers that she has on the platform. So, instead, she took the quarantine period as an “opportunity” to write journals, practice meditation, meet her therapist, and read “self-help books.”

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She then touched on the subject of “healing.” Reinhard said that she has continued to deal with “a lot of depression,” noting that finding the root of it is her way to “find a light at the end of the tunnel.” She shared that she lets it all out, especially when she feels something has come up. “Allow your body to feel what it feels,” she noted, adding that this is the way to heal.

Her current projects outside Riverdale

Lili Reinhart has spent most of her time alone amid the lockdown. Reports said that this began after Riverdale shut down its production earlier in March due to the pandemic.

But, while Riverdale stopped its development, Reinhart starred in one of Amazon Studios’ new films, Chemical Hearts, which arrived on Amazon Prime last August 21.

Cheat Sheet reported that the actress plays the role of Grace, who is a senior high school student “dealing with grief.” She mourns the loss of her boyfriend following the car accident that has also injured her.

The Hustlers star revealed that the film was “personal” for her. She told the interview that she used a lot of her own “inner turmoil” for the character, given that she has dealt with depression since she was 13.

Lili Reinhart, also, unveiled her upcoming poetry book titled, Swimming Lessons. Reports said that the debut of her book would be on September 29.

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