Lily Collins speaks up about ‘Emily in Paris’ character, release: ‘Surreal’

Lily Collins speaks up about 'Emily in Paris' character, release: 'Surreal'

Lily Collins opened up about her romantic-comedy series Emily in Paris, which came out on Netflix earlier this month, and said it was “surreal.”

Lily Collins topped Netflix when her show Emily in Paris was released. In an interview with Vogue, the Love, Rosie star answered the burning questions from fans who loved the show.

Lily Collins said the release was ‘surreal’

Lily Collins didn’t have the opportunity to promote her show in the usual way due to the pandemic. But it successfully won a global audience after it was released on Netflix and many enjoyed it.

“You know, it’s such a weird feeling to be going through this sort of release right now,” Collins told Vogue.

“We’re so lucky to have Netflix because it’s being rolled out all over the world – but having that take place while you’re at home is surreal, to say the least. ”

Collins speaks about Emily’s behavior and work ethics

Lily Collins spoke about her character Emily in Emily in Paris. For her, the lead star has a make-it-work attitude in both of her job and relationships. She does things with all her might even if she’s not prepared and her specialty is crisis management because she’s a solution-driven person.

When asked about Emily’s work ethics, Collins said she loved her character’s work ethics.

“I love that Emily is unapologetically herself. She is a woman who is both romantic and work-driven – you don’t have to be one or the other. She really values herself generally,” Collins explained.

Collins also loved how Emily dumped her boyfriend because he was not giving as much in their relationship. She also found value in her career which for Collins was refreshing.

Moreover, she praised how Emily studied French classes on her own time and using her own money to be good at her job.

She also recounted the various challenges Emily encountered like breaking the heating in her apartment, getting on the wrong floor on her building, and nearly stepping in dog poop. She also said those things were cliche but also very human.

“In the end, it’s all about Emily’s attitude; she just gets through it, and she does it with a little bit of humour,” Collins said.


Collins reveals Emily’s age

Lily Collins was also asked about Emily’s age. According to her, it was not on the script, but for her, she’s around 22 years old. However, many Twitter users disagreed with her because, for them, she was older than 22.

Emily already had a Master’s Degree and she already had the experience that prompted her boss to send her to Paris. So, many called out Collins for Emily’s age.

But some also defended her because, as she said, it wasn’t on the script, and the figure she gave was only based on her opinion.


Image used courtesy of Netflix/Youtube Screenshot

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