Limited Run Games rolling out physical releases of many digital-only titles

Snapshot of Limited Run Games' LRG3 2020 Livestream

A long list of digital-only Nintendo Switch titles are getting physical releases, thanks to game distributor Limited Run Games. Some are even releasing as early as this month while leaving the rest some waiting time for weeks.

In a recently held YouTube Livestream, LRG3 2020, the company showcased a handful of titles and what their respective boxes would look like. Those who follow-up on Limited Run Games’ official Twitter account will also see similar showcase in the form of tweets.

Differing Aesthetics

Some of the box arts may appear generic-looking, but others appear more intricate due to elaborate designs. While how the box is presented may be a big factor to some, others simply choose to buy physical for collection. This might divide the consumers into one of two camps, or even just one by encompassing both as interest.

Although the list is quite long, we can handpick a handful of titles that significantly stand out from the rest. They include the upcoming Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 and other hit titles such as My Friend Pedro, Katana Zero, etc.

Fans of Castlevania would also be delighted to see the Anniversary Collection making the list. Which is, basically, a compilation of titles released for the series during the ’80s until mid-’90s.

Across Platforms

Intuitively, the list of games that are getting physical releases for the first time are aimed for the current-gen platforms. Specifically, the PlayStation 4, PSVR, Switch, and PC. However, even old platforms like the PlayStation Vita and GameBoy Color are included in the campaign as well.

The inclusion of the PSVita is already quite a stretch. But to add in something that is now considered in the retro domain is a lot more surprising. Definitely, an initiative targeted towards collectors or those gaming veterans with a lot of nostalgia in the days gone by.

More Titles Ahead

If having more than 30 unique titles is not long enough throughout 2020, Limited Run Games also has another surprise. As it appears, the distributor also has plans in producing more physical copies of upcoming titles. What those titles are, however, is still a subject of future revelation.

But if there is something quite telling in that context, it’s likely a potential physical release of a sequel to River City Girls. The notion is also implied by Limited Run Games’ direct partnership with developer WayForward.

Pretty exciting times ahead for those who love to collect physical copies of games.

Image used courtesy of Limited Run/YouTube Screenshot

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