Lindsay Lohan confident she can reunite ‘Mean Girls’ original cast

Lindsay Lohan confident she can reunite ‘Mean Girls’ original cast, crew for a sequel

Lindsay Lohan expresses her interest in returning to the big screen and does a sequel of one of her most famous movies, Mean Girls. As the film’s original cast also includes Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert, the troubled actress believes she can convince them to reunite, along with other cast and crew.

In an interview with Daily Mail TV, as noted by Celebrity Insider, while promoting her new single, “Back to Me,” Lindsay Lohan revealed she would love to be in another Mean Girls movie. So, when asked if she would agree to do a movie sequel, she quickly said, “Of course, I would say yes.”

A dream project

The 33-year-old star admitted that to do a sequel of her one of the most iconic films was a dream project. She even claimed that it would be a “dream come true” if she could do a movie like it again, adding it has been a while since she did one.

Fortunately, Lindsay Lohan is not the only one who expressed interest in doing a Mean Girls sequel; Rachel McAdams also wanted to reprise her role. She played the role of Regina George, Cady Heron’s (Lohan) arch-nemesis in the original film.

The Freaky Friday actress is 100% sure that she could also convince other girls to return for the sequel. She said that if only she and the other two girls, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert, could talk on Zoom, they could “get something in the works.”

However, although the four original casts come together, someone is still missing. Tina Fey is a big part of the original movie’s success.

Hence, with her excellent screenwriting talent, she could make a return, too. Lindsay Lohan knows that the fruition of the Mean Girls sequel depends on the 49-year-old playwright, who also took the role of Ms. Norbury in the original movie.

The original ‘Mean Girls’

Lindsay Lohan played the role of Cady Heron in the original Mean Girls movie, which was released in 2004. Sixteen years have passed, they have yet to reunite. The last thing fans know about the film, Regina George was hurt.

There was a Mean Girls 2 movie released in 2011. However, it featured an entirely new cast, Meaghan Martin, Maiara Walsh, Jennifer Stone, and Claire Holt. It also had a different style. Compared to the original movie, which had seven stars on IMDb, it only had a score of four.

Lindsay Lohan also revealed that she already talked to the first film’s director, Mark Waters. Hence, she is now trying her best to get everyone in the project and do the Means Girls sequel.

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