LinkedIn’s job listing tools now free for essential businesses

LinkedIn's job listing tools now free for essential businesses

LinkedIn has announced that it is making its job listing tools available for essential businesses, free of charge, for the next three months.

The announcement was made by way of a blog post written by Tomer Cohen, vice president of product at LinkedIn.

In the blog post, LinkedIn cited the efforts being made by those from the medical fields, such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers, in trying to contain the spread of the coronavirus worldwide.

The company also recognized the role of other professionals, organizations, and businesses in keeping food and supplies available for everyone affected.

Thus, LinkedIn is making its job listing tools freely available in order to help make sure these essential businesses get to hire the right people they need.

As explained by Cohen: “As they work around the clock on our front lines, we are committed to doing everything we can to help their respective organizations find the people they need to meet the growing demand for these critical services. That’s why starting today, we are making a commitment to help these critical roles get filled as quickly as possible.”

Part of a three-way strategy

According to LinkedIn, allowing essential businesses to take full advantage of free job listing tools is only one part of a three-fold plan.

Apart from the free job listing tools, the company has also promised to funnel the most qualified professionals for these roles by tagging important front line medical positions as “urgent.” By doing this, the critical roles will be more visible on LinkedIn’s homepage, as well as in its jobs homepage.

To complete the three-way strategy, LinkedIn has also decided to expand its “Recruiting For Good” program by fielding its own crew of headhunters to search for the most qualified candidates that fit the needs of organizations on the front lines against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Already more than 100 LinkedIn employees are participating in this program,” said Cohen. “We’ve also received a very positive response from healthcare providers and nonprofits that we are supporting, including the American Red Cross of Los Angeles, and we’re working quickly to expand globally.”

Leveraging technology to help alleviate the crisis

With its announcement, LinkedIn joins other tech giants in using their influence, strengths, resources, and technological expertise in helping deal with a global health crisis.

Uber, for instance, has pledged 10 million free rides and deliveries to healthcare workers and other folks most affected by the pandemic. 

Facebook is rolling out a global version of its Community Help tool in order to provide a means for its users to request and offer assistance to others.

Images courtesy of LinkedIn.

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