Linux, macOS surge in usage spells trouble for Windows 10

A recent report reveals that Windows 10 usage drops. On the other hand, Linux and macOS see surge of new users.

Statistically speaking, Windows 10 is still on top of the chart. Windows holds 86% of the market. While this is a dominant figure, the chart also reveals an uptick in Linux and macOS adoption.

This report comes from NetMarketShare, a company that regularly provides statistical data of operating systems that people use on the internet. It is important to note that the data comes from internet users, not the entire desktop community in general.

According to the NetMarketShare data, Windows 10 and other Microsoft operating systems hold a combined 89% market share in March. That figure drops three points in April to just 86%.

The rise of macOS and Linux

During the same period, macOS market share gains one point from eight percent in March to nine percent in April. The same is true with Linux gaining more than one percent in market share.

While these are a relatively small upticks, it is a huge gain for macOS and Linux communities. Linux usually runs on servers, while macOS is the official operating system of tech giant Apple.

It is important to note that Linux comes in different flavors called distributions or distros. A close look at the numbers and it shows that the Ubuntu distribution is on top with an uptick of nearly two percent. All Linux distros has a combined market share of 2.86%.

Should Windows be worried?

These numbers are relatively small, considering the fact that Microsoft and its Windows operating systems has an almost complete monopoly of the desktop market. However, analysts are pointing out that the Windows 10 adoption rate lags that what was originally predicted.

When Microsoft announce that it will no longer support Windows 7, majority of the community expects Windows 10 to fill that void. However, it appears that Windows 10 is failing its adoption rate.

It is rather surprising that the dip in Windows 10 usage coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic. Majority of schools, business, and offices run on Windows 10 or a variant of Windows. Now that users are staying and working at home, this justifies the surge of usage of macOS and Linux.

Experts agree that there is no cause for alarm for Microsoft. Windows 10 continues to dominate the desktop market, and even with the end of support for Windows 7, it will continue on be on top for many years to come.

Image courtesy of Panos Sakalakis/Unsplash

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