Lisa Kudrow responds to rumors Ellen DeGeneres will host ‘Friends’ reunion

Lisa Kudrow responds to rumors Ellen DeGeneres will host 'Friends' reunion

Lisa Kudrow just responded to rumors that Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting the upcoming Friends reunion.

During her interview with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, the host asked Lisa Kudrow if the rumors are true.

Ellen DeGeneres not confirmed to host ‘Friends’ reunion, Lisa Kudrow says

After all, DeGeneres’ name was linked to the upcoming Friends reunion in February. According to reports, the Ellen Show host could interview Jennifer Aniston, Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry.

“Is there a host for that? Is Ellen – did I hear that Ellen DeGeneres was hosting the reunion?” Cohen asked.

“Um, you may, I don’t know. I don’t know that that’s been decided,” Kudrow said.

Ellen DeGeneres not confirmed to host 'Friends' reunion, Lisa Kudrow says 

Ellen DeGeneres a mean girl and a bully?

Just one month after the hosting rumors surfaced, comedian Kevin Porter urged those who have negative experiences with DeGeneres to share their stories. A slew of people came forward with claims that the comedian bullied them one way or another.

Shortly after, more people came forward and accused DeGeneres of being a mean girl. Weeks earlier, 10 former Ellen Show employees also revealed that there’s a toxic work environment on the set of the program.

Additionally, they also accused the producers of racism, bullying, and harassment. DeGeneres has since apologized for the producers’ wrongdoings. But she hasn’t addressed the allegations about her behavior.

Some people have also come forward to defend DeGeneres amid the criticisms. But one of her close friends in the industry had nothing to say. Aniston didn’t show her support for DeGeneres publicly.

Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston not feuding

Lisa Kudrow and Aniston also made headlines this week after Gossip Cop debunked a story about the Friends co-stars. According to tabloids, Kudrow and Aniston have secretly been feuding with each other.

Woman’s Day claimed that Aniston was furious at Kudrow and Cox after she learned that they were making a TV show together. Now to Love also alleged that Aniston and Cox rejected Kudrow’s idea of the Friends reunion.

Star also claimed that the cast of Friends all hated Aniston. A source also told the tabloid that Kudrow is very jealous of The Morning Show star.

“Everyone wanted to interview Jen, and her ‘Rachel’ hair became such a phenomenon that it was the only thing people talked about,” the source said.

However, Gossip Cop has debunked all the claims. Aniston and Lisa Kudrow never feuded with each other. And they have been friends for years.

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