Litecoin founder Charlie Lee to meet with Aussie fans

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee is in Australia for four days.

More than 500 Australians are expected to attend a meet-up with Litecoin founder Charlie Lee on Monday afternoon.

The former Coinbase Engineer told his 700,000 twitter followers that he’s trying to find a Sydney venue for the event, which he’ll host with Australian Cryptocurrency Expert Alex “Nugget” Saunders.

It’s another coup for Saunders, who recently left his job as a pharmacist to build Australia’s largest online cryptocurrency community “Nugget’s News.”

The Tasmanian now has nearly 30,000 subscribers on YouTube and a very large following on Facebook and Twitter.

Alex “Nugget” Saunders has nearly 30,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Saunders managed to grab Lee’s attention, after the Litecoin founder tweeted that he was in Australia for four days and asked “what’s fun to do around here?”

Lee said he’s looking for a venue that fits more than 500 people, which is an indication there’s already immense interest.

Saunders says the pair will do a live Question and Answer session, which may be streamed live on YouTube.

Follow Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite) and Alex Saunders (@nugget_alex) on Twitter for more information.