Litecoin partners with gaming giant Atari for crypto payments

Litecoin partners with Gaming giant Atari for crypto payments

Atari is one of the first major gaming platforms to embrace cryptocurrency as it partners with Litecoin to facilitate payments and usage across the ecosystem.

Yesterday, Litecoin Foundation announced that it was entering a “multi-faceted” partnership with the American gaming giant. It would involve the adoption of LTC across gaming platforms within the Atari ecosystem.

The firm has ambitions for its own cryptocurrency called Atari Token but plans to integrate Litecoin as much as possible. LTC will also be used as a preferred discounted payment method for the highly anticipated new Atari VCS game console.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee said that he became a software engineer because he loved video games, and his first console was an Atari.

Fred Chesnais, Atari chief executive, added that the ease-of-use and low transaction costs of LTC would make it a perfect fit for use alongside the Atari Token and other projects.

A subsidiary of Atari called Atari Chain Ltd has been created to lead the development of ongoing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

LTC prices showed a minor reaction gaining a couple of percent on the day to top US$45[AU$68.73]. They are still way down from previous highs, however.

Featured image courtesy of Litecoin Foundation/Twitter

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