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‘Little Nightmares 2’: Macabre school trip shows a horror sequel done right


Little Nightmares 2 preview brings a new version of the game as Six and Momo team up to defeat their nightmares.

As the name suggests, Little Nightmares have tapped into our deepest childhood fears and twisted them into a grim nature.

With the next installment of the game prepared to be released soon, the game brings a grave sense of macabre.

Little Nightmares 2 has a cloying and creepy atmosphere with a deathly sense of humor. Players have to run down from one part of the game to the other, look to solve puzzles under the threat of what looms in the dark.

How is the new gameplay coming out?

Players have to tiptoe their way through the wood-trimmed halls. The game’s new protagonist is placed in a suffocating environment.

Moreover, the new young protagonist’s name is Momo, who chooses to wear a paper over his head to hide his face.

He is assisted by Six, the protagonist of the first installment. He is making his way through the Pale City.

Momo is accompanied by Six, and you can bond with each other as you make your way through the game grotesqueness.

Tarsier has said that two kids surviving right from the start is part of their plan. Furthermore, various checkpoints and controls help the players access and save their game once they progress.

The control of the new game is rigid for players. With much tighter movement and a generous checkpointing, you will be thrown right back into action whenever you meet a grisly end.

What are the levels present in the game?

There are various levels on which players have to work through. The first level is where Momo is thrown among a pile of dead bodies that are sprung up in the trees and shoes scattered below.

Moreover, another one is chained up by a chalk-covered blackboard. There are scrawls on the floor, an area that you might need to avoid.

It is deeply unsettling that Tarsier has not lost its edge on the front. Small improvements are made in the game, such as adding more vertical levels and puzzling and platforming options.

Finally, there is Six. She helps Momo and provides him with subtle guidance to pass through the various obstacles in the game.

Furthermore, the bond between Six and Momo is quickly formed as they are set to help each other escape from the nightmare. In other areas, the sequels seemed more refined.

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