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‘Little Nightmares 2’ review: You will dread every single step you take


Little Nightmares 2 gives you a perfect run for the money as the game helps Mono and Six fight against the odd chances of surviving.

You will jump more than the required number of times while playing Little Nightmares 2. Sudden movements are happening in the entire game, scurrying right into the dark.

Little Nightmares 2 is a horror game for people who worship the genre

The game has an interesting appeal to it that stretches beyond the demographic slice. Little Nightmares 2 will check every single box when it comes to delivering static performance.

It has the original feel rooted with instances like gore, violence, grotesqueness added to the gameplay. Players will have a mix of fear, apprehension, and curiosity as they help both characters escape.

The characters are made to wander throughout the game in the creaky, downtrodden locales. It lives up to the expectations because the tiniest of details are added in this game and given focus to rather than the grand unspeakable terrors.

The best horror games build a moment of dread and vulnerability, and this game is no stranger. Players will always fear what is in front of them and what they expect to come, and the harrowing experience is compelling.

Little Nightmares 2 combines puzzles, interactions, and, most importantly, lets the players help the characters race through chances of survival.

While the previous game only had a creepy atmosphere, the second installment is consistently terrifying, so much to the extent that it might become emotionally exhausting.

The connection between Six and Mono

The connection between Six and Mono might feel like the only crowning achievement in the entirety of the game. Six acts as the guide in the game.

She is leaping and jumping from one object to the other, crawling under beds, and climbing through elevators. That means she is not providing a concrete solution for Mono, but she is definitely showing a way forward.

In this game, you will play as Mono. He is a boy who inexplicably wears a paper bag over his head. Once you progress through the game, there are some unlockable hats that you can discover for Mono.

Throughout the game, Mono comes across disturbing atmospheres such as drab apartment complexes. Six is the main protagonist of the first game. Together they embark on a never-ending adventure where survival is not guaranteed.

Little Nightmares 2′ won’t shatter your expectation if you would have expected something scarier. With all points added, you might revisit after completion.

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