Live longer by staying healthy

A significant number of people are trying everything to stay in their mortal coil for as long as they can. Nothing is wrong with that, but what do they have to do to live longer?

People in ancient times (and who knows, maybe until now) strived to find the fountain of youth. They wanted to have eternal youth and beauty. Aiming immortality is another thing. However, they have to accept the fact that a person’s life has a time limit. So they have to make the most out of it, but the question lingers; how can they prolong their lives?

Losing weight

Statistics show that if a person keeps their body mass index lower than 25 or at least at 18.5, then they can be considered as healthy. It means eating a balanced diet and doing exercise. During a normal situation, this is relatively easy to do. However, with the lockdown situation that the world is enduring right now, getting the right supplies can be a challenge.

What people should do is to try and get enough fruits and vegetables in their supplies. If possible, try to eat one balanced meal per day and couple it with regular exercise. It should keep their immune systems healthy and their organs to function normally.

As for exercise, they can do some push-ups and pull-ups inside their homes. Add some jogging in place. Keeping their weight in check will help avoid diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, liver failure, and a lot more. They should also do away with smoking and drink alcoholic beverages moderately if they couldn’t kick the habit altogether.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Aside from eating the right foods and staying away from harmful vices, one should have a lifestyle that consists of not staying up at night if they have nothing to do. Sleep at least eight hours per day, take vitamin supplements and find alternative ways to keep themselves healthy.

Doing yoga, for example, will help them clear out their minds, breathe correctly, and stabilize their way of thinking. Meditation is another way to keep unhealthy thoughts away from a person’s mind and to have a heightened self-awareness. Also, they say that stress can cause ailments and diseases in a person’s body, so doing these activities should help in expelling stress from a person’s body.

Every person on this Earth only gets to have one life, so they have to cherish it. Taking care of themselves by having a healthy lifestyle is the way to achieve longer life spans. While the government provides for the health and well-being of each person, make every moment count by doing the right things and living life the healthy way.

Images courtesy of Adiahealth and BRIGHT SIDE/YoutTube Screenshot

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