‘Locke & Key’ season 3 renewal rumored as season 2 filming underway

Locke & Key season 2 Netflix

The supernatural thriller Locke & Key has reportedly received a third season renewal from Netflix. The second season, on the other hand, started filming in Canada at the end of September.

Locke & Key is from showrunners Meredith Averill and Carlton Cuse. The series debuted on the streaming platform on Feb. 7, 2020. Shortly after the launch, Netflix renewed the series for a second season with the scripts apparently prepared ahead of time.

According to What’s On Netflix, the streaming platform’s bosses seem to be happy with the show’s reception from viewers. Thus, Netflix gave Lock & Key the green light for season 3, along with Away and Dash & Lily, which received second seasons.

Season 2 production, release date and cast

On Sept. 22, production officially started for Locke & Key season 2 following months of disruption due to COVID-19. The cast and crew were supposed to be back on the set in mid-August but Netflix had to ensure that safety protocols were firmly in place.


Work on the second season will extend through the first week of March 2021, if there are no virus-related interruptions. With the established filming schedule, fans of the show may expect the second season’s arrival on Netflix by late 2021 or early 2022.

Apparently, filming the first season took five months while post-production work was an additional six months. If the cast and crew are able to follow and keep the same pattern then it’s probable for the second season to be ready in the last quarter of next year.

TV Line reported that Locke & Key season 2 will feature a new face and promote two previous cast members to series regulars. Brendan Hines will join the cast as Josh Bennett, the new history teacher. Aaron Ashmore (Duncan Locke) and Hallea Jones (Eden Hawkins) will have bigger roles in the upcoming episodes.

The show also nabbed child star Liyou Abere for a guest spot. She will play Amie, Bode’s (Jackson Robert Scott) new friend.

What is the show about?

Based on the comic book series from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez, Locke & Key had at least three adaptation attempts that never materialized until Netflix took the project. The show is a coming-of-age drama with supernatural elements featuring three young siblings and their mom.

The Lockes moved to Keyhouse, their father’s ancestral home, following his violent death. The siblings discover that the house has many magical and powerful keys that could hold the answers to the murder of their dad.

Aside from Ashmore, Jones and Scott Locke & Key season 1 starred Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Laysla De Oliveira, Petrice Jones, Emilia Jones and Griffin Gluck. The comic book creators had cameos during the first season finale.


Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

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