‘Lords of the Fallen 2’: back in development, reveals dark fantasy RPG

The medieval fantasy game sequel, Lords of the Fallen 2, may soon hit the shelves. CI Games has recently announced that the game is now being developed by Hexworks Studio.

Back in 2014, CI Games released the first installment of Lords of the Fallen, at the same time, announced the Lords of the Fallen 2 as a sequel. However, it is only now that the sequel is getting back in development.

Reportedly, the game is now on its third studio. CI Games previously worked with Deck13 and Defiant Studio. The latter was then terminated the following year after CI Games was, reportedly, not satisfied with Defiant’s work quality. With that, CI Games was constantly changing the game within four years.

What to expect from Lords of the Fallen 2?

The first installment is a third-person action RPG and follows the fantasy world ruled by a Fallen God. The main feature of the game is to master the art of combat rather than finishing sidequests.

The sequel, on the other hand, will stay true to its challenging combat templates, similar to the Souls series. Although there is less information on the game mechanics, it appears that CI Games will be able to finally execute their plans, after it opened Hexworks Studio back in March. Moreover, the studio is based in Barcelona and Bucharest. Fans will have to wait for more developments on the second installment, hoping that it will finally push through.

Hexworks Studio currently has 25 employees with multicultural backgrounds. Its leaders include creative director Cezar Virtosu and executive producer Saul Gason. Furthermore, the sequel will be the studio’s debut title. The studio’s official website shared a glimpse of what to expect in the game. It said:

“This sequel will shift from the original’s power fantasy to a dark fantasy world and it will also have more challenging combat than its predecessor, staying truer to experiences that the Soulsborne communities enjoy. This combat will be paired with amazing visuals and gameplay supported by the power and performance of the latest Unreal Engine as we target next-generation console platforms and high-end PCs.”

When is the release date of the sequel?

Unfortunately, Lords of the Fallen 2 is still being developed. At the same time, CI Games has not yet released a significant timeline of its release. Also, it’s still too early to tell knowing that the game has gone through several ordeals.

On a side note, CI Games was able to raise 5.7 million Euros from investors for the development of the game.


Image courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment America/YouTube Screenshot

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