Lori Loughlin prison demands include cable TV, air-conditioned cell, gourmet food: Rumor

Lori Loughlin prison demands include cable TV, air-conditioned cell, gourmet food: Rumor

Lori Loughlin is, allegedly, using her status as a celebrity to receive special treatment while at Victorville Correctional Institution.

According to OK! magazine, Lori Loughlin has been sentenced to two months in federal prison. And she’s expected to report at the correctional facility on Nov. 19.

Lori Loughlin outrageous prison demands

Ahead of her arrival, a source claimed that Loughlin has already made all her outrageous demands known.

“She figures that with her fame level, wealth and influence, there’s no reason why she can’t have many of the perks she’s used to,” the source said.

More specifically, Loughlin, allegedly, wants her own cable TV, gourmet food, yoga, an air-conditioned cell, and a private security guard to welcome her when she arrives at the institution.

Additionally, the source also claimed that Loughlin is hopeful that she could get released from the facility earlier than two months for good behavior.

Lori Loughlin had a say on where she will serve her time 

Lori Loughlin had a say on where she will serve her time

Life & Style published a similar story on Loughlin. The tabloid claimed that the facility gave Loughlin the opportunity to choose where she would serve her time, and she chose well.

“Lori isn’t going to be slumming it like most criminals. FCC Victorville is more ritzy than rough! They even serve brunch on the weekends, where there’s a proper dress code and everything,” the source said.

Viola Davis slams her fellow actress

Viola Davis slammed Loughlin after learning about the special treatment that she received even before she reports to the facility.

“Is it punishment if you get to choose? Is she going to choose her own meal program, too?” the actress said sarcastically.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Gossip Cop also pointed out how Life & Style and its sister publication, National Enquirer, published a dubious claim about the actress.

National Enquirer previously said that Loughlin won’t receive any special treatment at Victorville. They also said that the Fuller House star needs to toughen up if she wants to survive in prison.

Rumors debunked

The rumor-debunking site said that it seems the tabloids are just trying out different angles on their prison story. But at the end of the day, a prison is a prison.

After all, it is untrue that the actress has some outrageous demands. And if she has, it’s unlikely for her to receive special treatment at the facility.

“Prison is prison. Lori Loughlin got fewer months than many expected, but the tabloid implies that she’s willingly going to prison so she can do yoga. It’s a prison. Even the nicest prison is still a prison where you don’t have much of a choice in the length of your stay,” they said.

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