Lori Loughlin to continue serving full prison sentence despite pandemic

Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin began her two-month prison so she can get out before 2021 ends. While she should complete the charge, she could have an early out because of the pandemic.

Nothing happens in favor of Lori Loughlin yet as she needs to complete her prison sentence this year. However, the number of days may be cut down soon.

Since the health crisis peaked, all establishments follow a two-week isolation for people to avoid the spread of the virus.

That also applies to prisons and correctional facilities, including the place where the “Fuller House” alum admitted herself.

According to TMZ, a source revealed that the actress would be isolated for two weeks at Dublin Federal Prison in California.

The step is a must since the prison officials try hard to prevent the spread of the virus inside the facility.

This might be advantageous to Loughlin since most of the recent federal prisoners got released early due to COVID-19.

For instance, Michael Cohen received a life sentence. But due to the disease, the judge ordered a house arrest for him instead.

Can Lori Loughlin receive the same treatment?

Despite coming in early than the expected admission date, the judge clarified that Loughlin still needs to serve her prison time.

The Board of Prisons can order for an earlier release. However, the possibility of the actress experiencing the same verdict is not yet up in the air.

The infamous actress will not enjoy even 85% of the sentence.

It is worth noting that some federal prisoners only need to spend 85% of their sentences. Unfortunately, the rule does not apply — and cannot be — to her.

This is because the said percentage can only be given to those who should serve a sentence for more than a year.

Since Loughlin only has two weeks, she is not eligible for that.

Loughlin’s prison time always an issue

Even before she surrendered herself, the actress’s prison time has always been the talk of the town.

Loughlin is currently staying at the prison of her choice. This caused her to gain criticisms from celebrities and netizens.

The judge declared that she would serve her two-month sentence near her home.

In the official statement, the judge said Loughlin would “be designated to a facility closest to her home in CA, preferably the camp at FCI Victorville, if commensurate with the appropriate security level.”

Featured image courtesy of Niime23, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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