Los Angeles Lakers championship challenge to start early with Blazers

Lakers championship challenge to start early with Blazers

The Los Angeles Lakers will be tested early on with a red-hot Damian Lillard and Portland Trailblazers team firing from all corners.

The NBA bubble seeding games entertainment made up for the three months the NBA was off. Fortunately, the season is far from over. The season is just about to start with the Playoffs right around the corner.

Some matchups, especially in the East, are lopsided. However, the majority look like they will go all the way to six or seven games. The Lakers versus the Blazers, in particular, looks like a matchup worthy of the history books.

Los Angeles Lakers fight for the championship

The Lakers haven’t exactly been their best selves in the bubble. They ranked a poor third from the last spot in terms of offensive efficiency. They also looked a bit slower than their usual choking defense. However, that will be changed once they face the charging Portland Trailblazers.

Lebron James won’t let any superstar shatter his dream of earning his fourth championship. As such, he’ll be locked in and will figure to defend Damian Lillard if the going gets tough. He’ll be assisted by Anthony Davis, who has been particularly dominating throughout the entire season.

Once the Lakers get their playing mojo back, there is no saying about what havoc they can wreak on the floor. Also, with Dion Waiters and J.R. Smith plugging in well in the system, the Lakers will be formidable. No one expects less from them, considering they are a veteran team.

Are the Portland Trailblazers tired and weary?

Among the teams in the Playoffs, no other played as hard as the Blazers. They fought tooth and nail just to earn the eighth spot in the West. Their reward? A cha-cha with the West’s best team. However, just like Lebron James, Damian Lillard will not allow his team to be steamrolled.

Seeing Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony on the floor will be a treat for the NBA’s nostalgic fans. Unfortunately, only James is still riding high with MVP-performances. Anthony, on the other hand, has settled nicely to a reserve role position. Nonetheless, fans can expect these two players to go and play hard.

The matchup of Jusuf Nurkic and Anthony Davis will also be one to see. The two All-star centers have been extremely productive for their teams.

Only one team will come out on top. As sad as it is for the Blazers, many expect the Lakers to come out of the matchup in 6.

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