‘Lost Judgment’ PC port not possible due to contention by actor’s agency


A potential PC port to the Judgment series, including Lost Judgment, is becoming commercially impossible as contention arise from the game actor’s agency.

As per Nikkan Taishu, Takuya Kimura’s talent agency, Johnny & Associates, has been blocking any attempt at porting the game to PC. The reason of which as it appears centers around not wanting to make the actor appear in PC games.

As to why exactly is not entirely clear. But the source suggests an issue regarding the use of the actor’s image, which seems restrictive. The computer’s direct connectivity with the internet, potentially being at the crux of the dispute. However, it seems suspect that the real argument comes from the PC community’s ability to modify game contents. Which, if the Judgment series does make it to PC, will make the actor susceptible to certain edits.

Additionally, it appears that publisher Sega has been keen in the idea of bringing the spinoff franchise to Steam. Which, at a business standpoint, makes a lot of sense, considering the large user base of PC gamers. But with the agency opposing the idea, it seems likely that the series has already hit the end of the road.

Judgment Series in Retrospect

2018 saw the release of the Yakuza spinoff, Judgment, as an exclusive title to the PlayStation 4. Several months later, it was soon followed by a global release in 2019. The original title subsequently got a remaster for both Japan and Asia on current-gen platforms, which launched on April 2021.

The series follows the ex-lawyer and soon detective Takayuki Yagami (Takuya Kimura) who is on the case involving corpses with missing eyes. The game takes place in the fictitious Tokyo district Kamurocho and features thugs and yakuzas for characters.

With similarity in design to the franchise it’s spinning from, the game highlights adventure and combat for its core gameplay. But playing the role of a detective, it also emphasizes on stealth and sleuthing mechanics, adding fresh perspectives in gameplay.

An Upcoming Sequel

Continuing on the events from the first title, Lost Judgment is a sequel that’s set for release in September 24, 2021. Unlike the remastered version of the original which focuses on new hardware, the game is bound to launch in both last-gen and current-gen platforms. However, this time, excluding the Google Stadia.

Meanwhile, the entire Yakuza catalog is currently already playable on PC via Steam. None of which, remarkably, stars the controversial main actor of the Judgment series.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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