‘Lost Soul Aside’ is coming to the Playstation 5


Ultizero Games announced that their game Lost Soul Aside is now coming to the Playstation 5, five years after the game was announced.

Lost Soul Aside is a beautiful “fast-action” title from the Chinese devs Ultizero. The game previously announced for the PC and PS4, but it seems it’s going next-gen. According to their Twitter account, they’re coming for the PS5 too.

Lost Soul takes flashy combat to whole new level

Lost Soul is one of the more mysterious titles out there, with very little that came out its way over the last few years. Over the last few days, IGN revealed 17 minutes of gameplay for the title, showing how promising the game is.

From the gameplay alone, it seems to be a mix of some of the flashiest action titles of modern history. From a specific perspective, it seems the combat mixes the stylish action of Devil May Cry with the field battles of Nier: Automata.

Much of the combat has shown focus on one on one battles, with the player blitzing around a near empty battlefield. Even the main character takes a lot from the flashiest JRPG heroes around, including Bayonetta, Dante, Vergil, and even Noctis.

The game also shifts around from a wide perspective during fights but uses linear, corridor style perspectives in its overworld. Its particle effects are also as over the top as it takes.

Dev team Ultizero Games looking to hire more positions

Lost Soul Aside initially showed up out of nowhere in 2016. It’s now growing, considering it received quite the infusion from Tencent. The dev studio is even looking for more positions to fill, considering its originally a small team.

“We are happy to officially announce today that Lost Soul Aside is also coming to PlayStation 5. We hope you look forward to game and we appreciate your continued support,” said their Twitter account.

So far, the game got Devil May Cry 5 composer Cody Matthew Johnson making the music. The studio is also looking for some positions, including a level designer, senior 3D character modeler, and even an animation designer.

“Thrilled to announce Im writing music for @Lost_Soul_Aside @UltiZeroGames the new gameplay reveal features a bunch of my music in the combat sequences,” said Johnson in a tweet.

The game is as crazy as it sounds, and it seems to be a great game for the future. The main character is also based from Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis Lucis Caelum. Much of his moves are also based on Noctis, so there’s that too.

Lost Soul Aside does not have a release date as of yet. From everything we’ve seen so far, it may stay as is for quite some time.

Featured image courtesy of Bing Yang/Youtube Screenshot

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