‘Love Call Center’ ranked 1 in South Korea’s variety shows for October

The variety shows that the Korean Business Research Institute recorded brand reputation rankings revealed Love Call Center as the top notcher.

An analysis of consumer participation, interaction, media coverage, community awareness, and viewership indexes the 50 popular variety shows in South Korea. The rankings are based on the collected data from September 5 to October 4.

How Do You Play? and Love Call Center switch places

Topping the list is TV Chosun’s Love Call Center with “I’m Young Woong,” “Young Tak,” and “Jung Dong-Won” as its high ranking phrases in the show’s keyword analysis. The show garnered a brand reputation index score of 9,762,529 for October. While “release,” “fierce,” and “appear” are the highest-ranking related terms of the program.

Furthermore, the rankings revealed a score of 83.55 percent positive reactions for the Love Call Center‘s positivity-negativity analysis.

The second place in the brand reputation rankings for variety shows is MBC’s How Do You Play? with a score index of 8,898,880.

Last Month, How Do You Play? held the top spot of the brand reputation rankings for September with a reputation index of 9,729,407. The high-ranking phrases in the show’s keyword analysis include “Refund Expedition,” “Yoo Jae Suk,” “and “SSAK3.”

Also, the program’s highest-ranking related terms are “release,” “job interview,” and “debut.” And the positivity-negativity analysis of the show revealed a score of 76.83 percent positive reactions.

Lastly, taking the third spot of the rankings with a brand reputation index of 8,377,479 for October is jTBC’s Ask Us Anything.

The rankings of the top 20 variety shows for October

  • Love Call Center
  • How Do You Play?
  • Ask Us Anything
  • Home Alone (I Live Alone)
  • Balsam School (literal translation)
  • Voice Trot
  • The King of Mask Singer
  • Wife’s Taste
  • My Ugly Duckling
  • The Manager
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Running Man
  • Radio Star
  • Hidden Singer
  • Same Bed, Different Dreams
  • The Return of Superman
  • God of Trot (literal title)
  • Fun-staurant
  • Can’t Be First (literal title)
  • Immortal Songs

Image courtesy of Bratovanov/Shutterstock

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