Low-res horror games have been a turn down for most fans

Polygons took the world of gaming easily!

Horror games have always been a fan favorite, but players do share their concerns over something.

Most of the players have shared their encounters playing low-res horror games, and they have said that it is something that they wish to explore, but the gaming experience is tough.

First of all, horror games do follow one thing, and that is hard-hitting the audience when it is necessary. But if the horror elements appear in a polygon, the players are not likely to get scared out of the same.

What are the new games added to the low-res gaming?

One of the newest additions to the series of horror games has been Lady Dimitrescu and the polygon version of her. That should not sound so surprising, as the evolution of horror games has always been a struggle for most developers.

In order with their stories, most of the developers have shared that the horror genre is something they wanted to tap in for a long time, but the turning or the development of these games from the low res to the high res have not been a success story for many.

On the other hand, most of the games adapt to the changes, and the hard-hitting generation of gaming is helping developers to understand what players actually want.

How is modern gaming changing the way we see things?

The equation is simple, as some of the developers have decoded. Horror games these days highly rely on the action and the survival chase scenes, so if players are planning plenty to include them accordingly, it will be a perfect match point.

On the other hand, to make sure that the resolution is not compromised, most studios are resorting to CGI sets that can incorporate a real person’s activities into a model or an animated version of themselves.

Like most of the newest games have tried to fix the point where games usually lag. Still, the idea is to create an idealistic scenario where horror games will give players the same amount of rush. On the other hand, they will also help players to understand that most of them are heavily reliant on the feedback and the reaction they gather.

Also, large communities are trying hard, 24×7, to push these horror games to bring out the edgy action in them and to set the players on a spree of hunting or being hunted.


Image courtesy of Liddy/YouTube

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