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‘Lucifer’ Season 5 caused conflict among fans about Maze


Maze became a real “wildcard” in “Lucifer” Season 5.

The first eight episodes of Lucifer Season 5 arrived on Netflix, on Friday. While it has since become a sweet treat for the avid fans of the show, the plot has seemingly left fans “conflicted.” Reports said that many netizens did not like the development of Maze’s character in the current season.

What happened to Maze in Lucifer Season 5

Last season, Luci went back to Hell without Maze. As seen in the latest episodes, this left Mazikeen pretty heartbroken.

At first, many understood her rage toward the devil. But, as the plot develops, fans and watchers learned that this has something to do with much deeper issues. As it happened, Maze has abandonment issues since her mother left her and all of her siblings in Hell.

She, later on, learned that her mother, Lilith, chose to give up her mortality to Luci to live the rest of her life on Earth. However, Luci kept it as a secret from all the demons, including Maze, as per Lilith’s request.

Although Maze met her mother before she passed away, the reunion did not go well. Alongside her rage toward her mother, she also has her anger toward Luci for betraying her about Lilith. In addition, he left her on Earth, which then adds to the overall rage that Maze is feeling.

In the mid-season finale of Lucifer Season 5, Maze joined Luci’s twin brother, Michael, to (likely) kill the devil himself. When she betrayed Lucifer for Michael, this caused disappointment among fans, according to Cheat Sheet.

Fans are not happy about Maze

The publication said that some fans and supporters of Lucifer did not find Maze’s character in Season 5 satisfying. Netizens reportedly shared their criticisms on various online platforms, like Reddit.

Several individuals agreed that Maze betraying “again” Luci is no longer surprising. They also asked the show to step up and “evolve” the character. Others even described the dynamic as “beyond a joke.”

While many of these netizens justified why they are “conflicted,” some individuals defended the character. Instead of disappointment, they reportedly felt “compassion” for the character.

Lesley-Ann Brandt shares her thoughts about Maze

Lesley-Ann Brandt plays the role of Maze on Lucifer. In an interview with TV Line, she discussed her character’s current movements, especially her dilemmas.

Brandt said that she has read a lot of criticisms toward Maze. But, she argued that there is an “unspoken rule” about betrayals and truths. All in all, though, she conceded that Maze has shown her “vulnerability” in the first eight episodes of Lucifer Season 5, which, for her, is a huge step forward for the character.

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