‘Lucifer’ Season 6: Everything you need to know about the finale

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“Lucifer” Season 6 houses a total of ten episodes.

Fans continue to wait for the latest updates about Lucifer Season 6. Ahead of the fifth season’s part two, it seemingly appears that many avid viewers are already looking forward to the final installment.

Details about the last run of the show remain scarce. But, What’s On Netflix recently released a run-down of the latest publicized information regarding the show.

All about ‘Lucifer’ Season 6

Several things happened back in 2019 and 2020 for the show’s future. After its cancellation on its original network, Netflix picked up the series for its fifth season run.

At that time, reports about Lucifer Season 6 started to emerge. A few weeks later, however, many publications confirmed that it would no longer happen.

Earlier in 2020, a reversal of the decision took place, with many executives and cast members confirming the show’s sixth and final installment. Since then, new details have continued to surface, informing the fans and followers about its status.

It remains unclear when it will arrive on Netflix. It makes total sense considering that the second part of Season 5 has yet to drop on the streaming platform.

Nevertheless, the publication said that the sixth installment will likely premiere in 2022. As explained, the cast and the rest of the production are currently working on their finale.


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About the finale’s cast members and episodes

The same publication revealed that most of the main cast will reprise their roles in Lucifer Season 6. These include Tom Ellis, Lauren German, and Lesley-Ann Brandt.

Aimee Garcia, Kevin Alejandro, Scarlett Estevez, D.B. Woodside, and Rachael Harris will also return for the final season. They will play their roles as Ella Lopez, Dan Espinoza, Trixie Espinoza, Amenadiel, and Linda Martin, respectively.

The writers of Lucifer Season 6 have also previously dropped the episode titles, except for the finale. There will be a total of ten episodes, with each lasting for about an hour.

Reports noted, as well, that there will be a “musical episode” again in the last season. However, it remains undisclosed which installment that will be.

The second part is coming soon

The fifth season premiered last August on Netflix. Unfortunately, fans only witnessed half of it because of all the delays.

The Daily Express said that the production halted due to the pandemic crisis. Accordingly, they were only able to release eight episodes last year.

There are no specific details yet as to when the second half will arrive. But, the publication speculated that it might premiere later in 2021. Accordingly, this will likely push Lucifer Season 6 to drop on the platform the following year.


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