‘Lucifer’ season 6: Is it really canceled now after plans of renewing?

Lucifer fans are currently on a limbo after news of season 6 on the verge of cancellation emerged.

According to TVLine, there is a possibility that Lucifer season 6 will not push through after all. This follows after reports of a contract disagreement involving the main actor Tom Ellis surfaced.

Contract dispute

Sources say that Ellis, who portrays the main character Lucifer Morningstar, allegedly rejected the latest offer of Warner Bros. Television.

The two parties were said to be in a re-negotiation for a potential season 6. However, it appears like things have gone awry and Ellis may be backing out on the deal.

That could be a cause of problem though if Ellis had already signed the first deal. He could be in trouble for breach of contract.

An insider has also said that Warner Bros. TV has been very accommodating with the titular star’s terms. They have even gone back to him multiple times to reach an agreement.

But as per sources, “Everyone wants Tom to be happy. But there’s a limit, and it’s been reached.” Both Netflix and Warner Bros. TV has not spoken about the issue yet. Ellis’ spokesperson has also not made any comments.

Saving the show

Fans were very happy when reports said that there were plans of picking up the series for season 6. The fifth season was announced last year to be the last and final.

But in February, Netflix talked to Warner Bros. about their interest in renewing the supernatural comedy-drama. It was then revealed two weeks later that the studio sealed new deals with co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson for a season 6.

Contract for the supporting cast of the show were also said to be picked up once a deal with Ellis is settled. All actors had indicated desire to return to the show one more time.

This isn’t the first time for the series to be in troubled waters. In fact, it was supposed to be long gone after season 3 ended in its original network FOX.

Devoted fans were quick to start a petition in order to save the series. Fortunately, Netflix picked it up and gave it a new home.

As of the moment, nothing is announced yet on whether Lucifer season 6 will happen or not. Fans will just have to put the issue aside for now and look forward for the upcoming season 5.

Lucifer season 5 is expected to premiere on Netflix sometimes this year. It will have a total of 16 episodes but there is no announcement of the release date yet.

Featured image courtesy of Netflix

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