‘Lucifer’ Season 6 reduced to 10 episodes; Ella, Maze’s fates discussed

'Lucifer' Season 6 reduced to 10 episodes; Ella, Maze's fates discussed

Netflix’s loved Devil series Lucifer is coming to a close in Season 6. However, reports confirm that its last season will only have 10 episodes.

The detective days of Chloe Decker, Lucifer, and the rest of the gang are numbered. According to TVLine‘s sources, Season 6 will be six-episodes short, compared to its current season.

The remaining bittersweet episodes

The first part of Lucifer Season 5 was released on August 21. It ended at episode eight, where fans saw all three celestial brothers—Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Michael—brawling it out inside the frozen LAPD station.

It ended with quite an unexpected cliffhanger, as God finally faced his children to stop them from fighting. As to how this will affect Maze, who sided with Michael in the end—in exchange for a soul—is another open-ended ending.

Nonetheless, the cast is reportedly scheduled to resume filming Season 5b on September 24. Once done, the team will “segue directly” to filming the final season, Lucifer Season 6.

Meanwhile, Digital Spy reports that the Season 5 storyline needed tweaking after finding out that the series was up for one more season. This was according to Dan Espinoza actor, Kevin Alejandro.

Alejandro expressed:

“Obviously we’re all super, super excited, just surprised. As a result, the team have had to make some tweaks to the season five finale, in order for us to get the ultimate season five possible.”

Lucifer Season 5b spoilers: Ella and Maze’s fates

Season 5a also left Ella Lopez beyond distraught after finding out that her first actual normal relationship was a sham. Just when she started opening herself up, her boyfriend turns out to be the serial killer of their murder investigation.

To add more salt to the bleeding wound, the original “Whisper Killer” had no remorse in using Ella for his own gain. According to Express.co.ukElla Lopez actress, Aimee Garcia, described how her character is at her “lowest” after the incident.

The publication quotes her, saying:

 “It’s a very traumatic thing that happened to her. We all know people that are so guarded, they don’t let people in that often.

“So, when she finally lets someone in and then there’s this betrayal, it’s just heartbreaking.”

Maze, on the other hand, is desperate to bag a soul, to a point that she’d betray Lucifer and Amenadiel. Although, their relationship has always been complicated, most especially when Maze feels that Lucifer treats her nothing more than a mere demon.

According to fan theories reported by InverseMaze might have unknowingly grown her own soul. It may have started when she showed her true demon face to Trixie on Halloween.

Caring for Linda and enduring her hate against Lucifer when Chloe was kidnapped by Michael is proof that Maze already has a soul. Because if she hadn’t she would not have cared at all.


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