‘Lucifer’ star Tom Ellis talks ‘Doctor Who’ casting amid fan clamor

Tom Ellis, the star of Netflix’s Lucifer, would have jumped at the chance to play the iconic lead in Doctor Who, the actor revealed.

Lucifer season 5 part 1 is currently streaming, reviving the star power of the British actor. Tom Ellis will still be back as the Lord of Hell for part 2 and the final sixth season in 2021 and 2022. Fans, however, think his next role should be the 14th Doctor on Doctor Who.

Speaking with Daily Express, Ellis said that he would be happy to play the Doctor if there was an offer early in his career. He was seen as a “natural fit” for the Time Lord, but the role ended up with Jodi Whittaker, the first woman Doctor.

Ellis thinks his chances of leading Doctor Who today would be slim because of Lucifer.

“I just never think that ever would have happened,” Ellis said. “Partly because I’d have done this show, and I just don’t think people thought of me like that.”

However, there are no regrets for Ellis since he thinks playing Lucifer has been much like the Time Lord.

“Weirdly, the part of Lucifer, in my own head I’m like, ‘This is my Doctor Who.'”

Possible season 5 twist for Maze

Ellis, however, did appear in Doctor Who in the finale of “Last of the Time Lords” with David Tennant. Right now, however, his focus is on giving a proper ending to Lucifer.

The actor and his co-stars are back on the set of his Netflix series as production restarts. While the Devil’s complicated life in Los Angeles takes on different turns, fans speculate there could be another twist ahead for Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt).

The demon might have had a soul for a long while and has yet to realize her evolution. According to a fan theory, she will eventually learn of this once her alliance with Michael turns sour. After all, the archangel cannot be trusted.

Season 6’s episode count revealed

Meanwhile, TV Line reported that the final season of Lucifer would be ten episodes long. Season 5 also received the same number of episode orders, initially, until Netflix decided to increase the number to 16.

The final episode count rounds up to 93, just seven episodes shy of the momentous 100 episodes for syndication. Fans think the uneven number was to the writers’ favor. They were prepared to end the series in season 5. However, Netflix scrambled at the last minute for another renewal. Lucifer season 6, however, will be the last.


Image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

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