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Ludwig Ahgren goes on a Twitch endless stream


Ludwig Ahgren literally became an overnight sensation on Twitch when he embarked on an endless stream based on new subs.

Twitch is redefining the way the younger generation consumes their content. It would be safe to say that the preview of the replacement of online vlogs in the future is already showing its potential.

Vlogs cater to a specific market where fans sit and wait for the video creators to share their unique content. It may be about lifestyle, tech, games, or just about anything. However, these contents still have a regular upload schedule, just like old TV programs. Yes, it may be consumed on-demand, but it doesn’t share the appeal of live streaming.

Ludwig Ahgren goes on an endless stream on Twitch

The past year was the perfect opportunity for streamers to grow their fanbase. The majority of the people around the world were forced to stay indoors because of the pandemic. As such, consuming online content skyrocketed. Streamers saw this opportunity to make new channels and broadcast live.

The content could be about anything, such as gaming, political talks, or comedy shows. However, there is a certain type of streamer that encompasses those all where they stream their day-to-day lives. This is the category where Ludwig Ahgren belongs.

Last week he started a ‘subathon.’ This is a model unique to Twitch where live streamers engage their fans to subscribe to the channel. As soon as a numeric goal is reached, the livestreamer will do something special for the subscribers.

Ludwig’s promise is that he is staying live on his channel for as long as new subscriptions come in. Each paid subscription adds a few seconds or minutes to the countdown timer until he can go offline.

It seems like he might have bitten off more than he could chew. Every since going live at 2 p.m Thursday afternoon, he has never gone offline. He cooks, eats, sleeps, showers, works out all during his stream.

What happens during the stream when Ludwig sleeps?

An army of fans maintains the channel as Ludwig sleeps. They chat and share content with each other as the owner of the channel gets his good night’s rest. These fans are called ‘mods,’ short for moderators. One mod said,

“At night, the rest of us do his content for him. We try to keep everyone excited and highly motivated to see this go on as long as possible.”

Ludwig is now the most-subbed Twitch streamer after six days

The combined effort of Ahgren and his mods has paid out. In just a matter of six days, he is now the most-subbed Twitch streamer in the relatively short history of the platform.

He currently has more than 100,000 subscribers on his channel. As of writing this article, the number continues to rise. Ludwig also holds the third spot for most active Twitch subscribers, according to Twitchtracker.

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