Ludwig Goransson takes a step closer to EGOT after Emmys win

Ludwig Goransson went home with another trophy on one hand after he won an award in Primetime Emmy Awards 2020. This recent acknowledgment now allows him to be a step closer to completing the EGOT.

After years of contributing extraordinary music compositions to the film industry, Ludwig Goransson finally got his first Emmy Award. His work on The Mandalorian secured the top spot for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score).

The nomination particularly acknowledged his work on Chapter 8: Redemption which served as the Season 1 finale of the show.

Meanwhile, soon after he saw his name on the winners’ list, the 36-year-old Swedish composer took his gratitude on his official Twitter account.

“Thank you to the Academy for this honor and for all of the recognition the Mandalorian has received this Emmy season,” he posted alongside a photo of him and his son, Apollo.

In addition, he took his time to thank The Mandalorian creators, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. According to Goransson, the creation of the show gave him the opportunity to try genres and cross boundaries using the score.

Fans Congratulated Goransson

The composer’s fans filled the celebratory posts with congratulatory messages, applauding Goransson for the milestone he got.

“Congratulations with your achievement. The next time I watch The Mandalorian, I’m going to listen to the score closely to appreciate it more,” one fan said.

Another one wrote, “I really enjoy your score of instrument selection. Very futuristic cosmo Gunsmoke feel. The mood is perfect. Kudos to the team.”

Meanwhile, most of his followers also noted how he is now one step closer to becoming an EGOT king.

Goransson an EGOT Winner Soon

Prior to his Emmy win, Goransson made headlines when he grabbed recognitions from Grammys and Oscars.

In 2019, he took home two Grammy Awards for his work in This Is America. The aforementioned recognition included the Song of the Year and Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media awards.

Furthermore, during that same year, he bagged a Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media for his contribution on Black Panther.

For his Oscars nod, Goransson took the 2019 Oscar for Best Original Score for the soundtrack same Marvel Cinematic Universe’s film.

Currently, he only needs Tony to become an official EGOT winner. He will then join the slew of EGOT winners including Audrey Hepburn, Mel Brooks, and Robert Lopez among others.

To be eligible for a Tony Award, Goransson needs to participate in a Broadway play and win recognition.

Featured Image courtesy of Genius/Genius Official Youtube Channel

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