Luka Doncic, containing him key to Clippers win

Luka Doncic, containing him key to Clippers win

Luka Doncic will be the prime target of the Los Angeles Clippers defense once they face each other in the first round of the Playoffs.

Barring any significant injuries, Luka Doncic figures to be the league’s next face.

The statement above is what the Los Angeles Clippers have in mind. If they don’t contain him, the Mavericks’ offense will click, and the Clippers could be in trouble.

Luka Doncic will have to be limited

The young sophomore has looked like a veteran in his prime ever since he stepped on the NBA court. Considering his young age, Luka has several accolades under his belt. He didn’t only win a EuroLeague Basketball championship, but he was also named the league’s MVP. It’s crazy to realize that Doncic entered pro basketball at a younger age than Lebron.

Because of this exposure, Doncic didn’t have any problem keeping up with the NBA big guns. He was even named an All-star during his rookie year last season. As such, he has a big target on his back in the Clippers’ locker room.

The Clippers will be locking in on Luka throughout the series as he is the key to the Mavs’ offense. However, based on previous experiences, shutting him down may not be enough to limit the Mavs’ attack. Luka can break down defenses in the paint and make accurate passes for wide-open shots for his teammates.

Therefore, the Clippers will need to do a balancing act of managing three balls from flying from all corners. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers knows this which made him say,

“He has the passing of Jason Kidd, but has the scoring ability of Larry Bird. That’s what makes him such a difficult cover. “

Luka has led the Mavs for an NBA record of the highest offensive rating of 115.9 points in 100 possessions. However, that number drops to just 99.2 during the last five minutes of a game that is within five points. It is also noteworthy that Dallas is 0-3 against the Clippers in their season matchup.

Choking defense by the Clippers

Luka is a threat if this statement hasn’t been emphasized enough. Nevertheless, the Clippers will be ready for the tools that can limit his production. Waiting for him on the other side of the court are Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Patrick Beverly. All three of these players are stifling walls that can suppress an offense in an instant.

If Luka gets past his main defender, he’ll be sure to meet help-defense from any of the guys from the Clippers. His life will not be easy against the Clippers. However, as Devin Booker’s clutch shot against Paul George has proved, no matter how good the defense is, the ball will go in if the offense is clicking.

Even if Luka and the Mavericks don’t get past the Clippers, it may be considered as Doncic’s baptism by fire, which will just mold to be ready for a long career in the NBA.

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