Lumio’s Teno, a light-filled speaker with a crack open

The company Lumio, which made Lito book-shaped folding light, is designing something more exciting and innovative. Lumio is giving foundation to a discrete speaker, called Teno.

At first glance, Lumio’s Teno looks like either an “Arctic White” or “Lava Black,” defining a design like a miniature bowl with a crack running across. When the gap is wide open, warm light is exposed.

The sound pours and make the Teno an exciting and creative piece of technology. The sound and the warm light pouring out of the crack in Teno can be modified or adjusted via touch sensors.

The founder of Lumio, Max Gunawan, appeared on Shark Tank in 2015 where he triggered the creation of several knock-offs for his upcoming product, book-shaped Lito folding light. The users are eagerly waiting to see if he’ll be starting with a second set of fake Tenos this time or not.

Talking about the product, Lumio is claiming it as a “modern interpretation of a sound bowl.” Teno’s exterior surface is supposed to have cast resin and sand, making it look quite handcrafted and sculptural than usual technological products.

Max Gunawan says that this product will be an example for the technological industry to showcase products with sculpted exterior rather than restricting it to the technological aspect.

It has a handcrafted style than the usual technological exterior, which will outshine the product everywhere in the market.

People with enthusiasm in the Art domain will notice that the design relates to a Japanese method for mending broken pottery parts with gold seams, known as kintsugi.

The crack in Teno’s structure that will open to sound and warm light will be lined with gold paint. Kintsugi is based on a process that mostly thinks that it isn’t necessary to discard any broken part.

With sustainability on many tech companies’ minds, Max Gunawan adds that he and his company are trying to be in the market competition race by introducing Teno, which will break all the yearly upgrades.

Specifications of Lumio’s Teno

The warm light in the gadget will be of the intensity of 250 lumens, which is more than enough to light a mid-sized room. The 45mm full-range sound driver adds to its beauty.

The company claims customers to buy two Tenos, costing each at $300, for a suitable stereo setup. The speaker’s expected battery is 4 hours with full brightness intensity, while the speaker will last for eight hours if 50% of the brightness is maintained.

Image courtesy of Yang Zhen Siang/Shutterstock

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