LVT Capital and Verso Finance form strong union

LVT Capital and Verso Finance have joined forces in a concerted effort to provide better services for their clients.

LVT Capital is now part of the Verso Finance family.

As the two companies merge, they aim to compensate one another’s weaknesses and reinforce each other’s strengths in their pursuit of giving the best possible business experience for clients who put their trust in the dynamic duo.

With the union, LVT and Verso endeavor to bring one another and their clients to the top through the kind of business solutions only they can provide.

From here on out, as they say, things can only get better.

LVT Capital and Verso Finance: Promoting growth and profit

Through strategic connections and media assets (both owned and partnered), LVT Capital elevates and amplifies businesses.

One of LVT Capital’s goals is to invest in future leaders, blockchain businesses, and groundbreaking technologies. It seeks to forge ties that will help in making their vision a reality.

Verso Finance, on the other hand, aims to provide solutions to industry-wide distribution roadblocks that keep innovative microfinance and decentralized financial products from reaching retail customers across markets.

The LVT-Verso partnership boosts ventures and provides a channel for better customer reach, steady growth, and a high chance of success in terms of profit gains.

Verso Finance to launch on TrustSwap

On April 25, as part of the newly established Incubator Program, Verso Finance will launch on TrustSwap.

The business initiative is backed by heavyweight investors that include LVT Capital,, AU21 Capital, DFG, JRR, and NGC.

Verso Finance boasts of proprietary smart contracts that enable efficient distribution and product-specific money flow from service providers and financial institutions to their customers. The result: reduced dependence on intermediaries that in turn make distribution costs lower and efficiency higher.

The LVT-Verso partnership could become a game-changer, and the pay-off for investors and stakeholders will be huge. Indeed, two heads are better than one.


Image courtesy of Altcoin Daily/YouTube 

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