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M1 iMac redesign finally coming and with bonus colors!


Apple is finally working on a 2021 release of a fully redesigned iMac with a surprise twist of color options for picky fans.

When the iMac was released, it revolutionized workstations by integrating the CPU with the screen. Everybody remembers the iconic announcement of this piece of art. Customers were given color options to choose from when other computer companies only had dull black or off-white CPUs.

Steve Jobs thought of the entire user experience starting from pulling out the computer from the box. Never before has it ever been done that an all-in-one computer can be pulled out from a box with one hand. It is a piece of the computer world’s history that will never be forgotten.

Since then, the iMac has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The latest model available looks dated, to say the least. Fortunately, it is about to get a huge facelift.

M1 iMac with color options to be launched in 2021

Jon Prosser, in the video he shared about the new M1 Mac Pro Mini, also gives Apple fans an idea as to how the new M1 iMacs will look like.

The all-in-one computer borrows its design heavily from the Pro XDR display. Its body frame is thin and sleek. Fortunately, the M1 iMac will come with a built-in stand, unlike the infamous optional USD$ 1,000 mount for the Pro XDR.

The new M1 iMacs front display looks like an oversized iPad Pro screen. Its thin bezels are consistent on all four sides, unlike the current model, which has a huge forehead and chin.

The biggest revelation in Prossers’ video is that the iMac will apparently come with color options for its body. The color options, according to him, will be similar to those available for the latest iPad Air. Buyers will be able to choose from Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, and Blue.

Will it be a Pro or a regular model?

Prosser didn’t clarify if the renders he has are for the M1 iMac or the M1 iMac Pro. Nonetheless, the current models don’t differ much at face value. Apple will just most likely differentiate the two with the Pro getting a bigger screen and more powerful processors.

No official date for the iMacs’ release has leaked. However, it is expected to hit the shelves sometime later this year.

Apple is strongly pushing for the full migration of its products to Apple Silicon so fans can expect the company to release new products one after the other this 2021.

Image from Jon Prosser

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