M1 Mac Pro Mini design seriously brings back G4 Cube memories

M1 Mac Pro Mini design seriously brings back G4 Cube memories

The leaked M1 Mac Pro Mini design looks a lot like the old G4 Cube during the ascent of Steve Jobs’ vision for the tech world.

Remember the G4 Cube Apple released way back in 2000? It was this aluminum tiny cubed-CPU enclosed within an acrylic casing. It was iconic in terms of looks, but it didn’t stand the test of relevancy.

After just one year in the market, Apple quietly discontinued its production. Just like many of Apple’s products then, the G4 Cube was way ahead of its time. It was a computer that provided a sleek design when the majority of the tech then was clunky. Unfortunately, its demise was a product of the lack of parallel technologies then.

M1 Mac Pro Mini design will be sandwiched in the Mac lineup

Serial leaker Jon Prosser shared via his YouTube channel that Apple is planning to release a smaller version of the Mac Pro. No official name has been vested on the new Mac CPU. If the iPad is a good indication, then the Mac Pro should just get a “Mini” name inserted somewhere in its name.

Apple already has the Mac Mini. It is more often used in offices and homes with permanent workstations. However, the computing powers of these CPUs don’t fair well if there is a heavy need for processing heavy files.

Apple’s solution for this is the Mac Pro. Unfortunately, not many offices and homes can afford the steep price tag of the cheese grater-looking CPU. The void between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro is most likely what the M1 Mac Pro Mini will fill.

It will provide slightly less powerful processing compared to the Mac Pro, but it will be a huge step up from the regular Mac Mini.

What will it look like?

Jon Prosser didn’t share much of the information he has about the smaller CPU. He only shared how the M1 Mac Pro Mini will look like. He said that the new CPU will look like Mac Minis stacked on each other.

If imagining this design is difficult. Just think of the old G4 Cube. The rendered images of his team show exactly just that. The future M1 Mac Pro Mini’s footprint will most likely be slightly bigger or identical to the Mac Mini. However, its height is tripled, most probably to give way for additional parts for more processing.

No concrete information about the M1 Mac Pro Mini’s internals has been leaked. One thing for sure is that it will be powered by Apple Silicon and not Intel.


Image from Front Page Tech

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